Monday, 29 August 2016

Something new with thoughtful branches bundle

Have you ever made something and thought I've never seen that done before?  Yeah,  me too. And then you google it.... hmmm bugger.  Well I  did it again! And then I  searched it and I couldnt find it anywhere,  yippie! 

So heres what I did.

I used the 'tree branches' die out of the thinlits die I cut it out in Cherry Cobbler card stock. I then chopped off the trunk and turned it upside down (i was thinking of big hero6 at this point,  you know,  when the little brother was frustrated because what he was making wasn't working how he wanted it), I used the small handheld punch to punch two holes so I could fit the single strand from the new twine through. Then i took another strand and tied the bow. I stamped the sentiment and set it on a backing then was stumped,  i had been usong scraps off my desk and they ran out (booo),  so i grabbed my cherry cobbler marker and my ruler and free handed some 'stitching' as a surround for the card.  Ive showed some of our team and i got the comment that this made it look 'rustic' I love that description!

So once you've made one you always have to make a second.  So the second one o made in pacific point with a little gold ribbon for the string to hang it. This one looks much more elegant than the red because i had plenty of this colour (yay!). So have you seen this set used as a christmas bauble yet?  I love the idea! Gives the set more versatility,  and we all love that....  let me know in comments what you think and which colour is your favourite,  I'd love to hear from you. 

Until next time,  stay well and happy crafting. Tamie xx

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