Saturday, 20 December 2014

Just a random post...

... have you ever had a stamp set that is used in a way that just isn't right to you????

One that has driven me monumentally nuts since it has come out and I have never blogged about is Happy Watercolour, yes it's old but oh I love it!  My problem with it is one of the flowers has always been used with the stems facing down... however it is an orchid called an oncidium and they are an orchid (yes I love plants too lol) and their lobellum is meant to face down (arrgh I know I'm crazy lol).  And I've Just found photos of a couple of cards that I have made with this stamp and thought 'why not post about that Tamie seeings though ramdom is very much your style' so here we are :-)

So here we are... lol It may not look right to everyone else this way but it makes my heart happy hehehe.
Ok random post over lol hope it brings some other people some peace to see it this way, have a great day Tamie xxx

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